Cleaning Up Your Own Backyard

  • 4 Affordable Green Landscaping Improvements To Makeover Outdoor Spaces This Summer

    27 June 2019

    If your landscaping is old and needs a little care to improve its appearance, there are many renovations and improvements that can be done. Some of these renovations can be costly, so you may want to consider green alternatives to improve the appearance of your outdoor spaces. The following affordable and green landscaping improvements will help give your outdoor spaces a drastic makeover. 1. Go Solar with Outdoor Landscape Lighting to Help Illuminate the Space in Your Garden

  • Three Benefits Of Installing Landscaping Lighting

    28 March 2019

    Your landscape design plays a huge role in the overall appearance of your home, but also has a functional side. The hardscaping installations in your yard allow you to relax and entertain guests outdoors, creating a natural extension from your interior space. Installing lighting in your landscape is a unique way of ensuring that your landscape is both visible and usable at night. Knowing some of the key benefits associated with having lighting installed throughout your landscaping design can help you decide if you should start thinking about installing lights on your property.

  • Three Ways To Keep Your Water Bill Down This Summer

    26 June 2018

    If you're like most homeowners, you love summer because of all the opportunities it provides for you to enjoy your outdoor living space with friends and family. However, one thing most people don't love about summer is higher water bills due to having to irrigate their landscaping. Fortunately, strategies exist that make it possible for homeowners to have an attractive outdoor living space without spending a bundle on water bills. Following are three of them.

  • Tips For Summer Lawn Care

    18 May 2018

    If you want to keep your home's lawn looking green like a city park all summer and well into fall, then these summer lawn care tips will help you be successful: Tip: Spread a Bag of Weed and Feed in the Late Spring As with other types of vegetation, your lawn needs to be fed with fertilizer each year and the weeds need to be removed from it. Since spring rains bring along a lot of weed growth, it is a perfect time to spread out a bag of weed and feed.

  • 3 Tips For Preventing The Spread Of Dandelion Weeds In Your Yard

    25 March 2018

    As soon as the weather starts warming up in the spring, you may have noticed bright yellow flowers scattered in your yard indicating that the dandelions have started to flourish. If you dread the thought of seeing these unsightly weeds taking over your lawn, use the following tips for keeping them from spreading. 1. Keep Your Yard Mowed One effective way of preventing the spread of dandelions in your yard is to keep them from ever going to seed.

  • How to Get Your Lawn Ready for Spring

    17 March 2018

    Spring is approaching, and it is time to prepare your yard and lawn for the upcoming warm season. In addition to watering, feeding, and weeding your lawn and aerating the soil around your lawn's roots, you need to protect your lawn's health with proper mowing and removal of excess thatch build-up. Here are some tips to help you complete these important tasks. Prepare Your Lawn Mower After an entire season of using your lawn mower to care for your lawn (and then an off season sitting in the shed), your mower may be in need of a tune-up and some simple maintenance to get it ready for the upcoming season.

  • Want Your Children To Play Outside More? 3 Tips For Maintaining The Lawn

    2 March 2018

    Having your kids spend more time outside can be great for their health since it can encourage more exercise, while also allowing them to get some fresh air and sunlight. If you're someone that's interested in having your kids spend more time playing outside, it's a good idea to look into what you can do to get your yard ready for your children to enjoy. If you're unsure of what kind of lawn care to take care of, consider the following tips that will make a positive impact in making the yard an enjoyable place for your children.

  • Things To Know About Undertaking A Dewatering Project

    7 February 2018

    When you are looking to upgrade your property, there are a number of changes that may be needed in order to achieve the desired look and functionality that you are wanting. For those that have areas of water on their property, it may be necessary to use a dewatering service. Why Would Dewatering Services Be Needed? Dewatering is the process of moving large amounts of water from an area of your property.

  • Bought Some Old Farmland? Here Is How To Clear It

    19 January 2018

    Farmers learned long ago how to clear land. However, you are not exactly Old MacDonald. You will need help from land clearing services. Here is what these services can do to help you clear your acres of land, either for farming or something else. Removing Weeds and Tall Brush The first thing this type of service company does is clear the weeds and tall brush. Weeds can cause breathing problems and skin irritations.

  • 3 Landscaping Projects To Consider When Planning A Backyard Wedding

    16 December 2017

    Hosting a wedding in your backyard can be a great way to get married frugally, while still having the wedding of your dreams. Since you'll have access to the backyard for months before the wedding, there's a lot of opportunities to make improvements so that your wedding venue looks as great as possible. If you're unsure of what kind of landscaping to take care of before the date of the wedding arrives, consider the following projects that can make a big impact in how the yard looks and how well suited it is for a wedding.