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Signs Your Sprinkler System Needs Repair

by Warren Garcia

For your lawn to be healthy, you need to water the grass, especially during the dry season. A sprinkler system can help you water your entire lawn efficiently. However, your sprinklers may get damaged with time, hence the need for sprinkler repair. But, you may not know when to perform the repairs. Here are signs that your sprinklers need repair.

Low or Extreme Water Pressure

If the water pressure on the sprinkler head reduces, the sprinkler system may not spray the water as expected. The low pressure may be due to blockage or damage to the regulators or valves. Also, the piping of your sprinkler system could be damaged.

Additionally, excessive water pressure may damage your sprinkler system and overwatering, which can damage your lawn. Therefore, hire irrigation repair services to fix your sprinkler when the water pressure is too low or high.

Increased Water Bill

A faulty sprinkler system may leak due to unexpected jumps or cracks in the system. In return, your water bill may increase significantly. However, your bill may skyrocket due to different reasons, and you must ascertain whether your sprinkler system is the cause. To achieve this, check the flow meter that measures the amount of water flowing through your sprinklers.

If your current reading is abnormally higher than the average reading, your sprinklers could be damaged. So, sprinkler repair is essential to avoid water wastage and reduce the monthly water bills and, ultimately, your monthly expenses.

Irregular Watering

When your sprinkler system waters some parts of your lawn and leaves other parts dry, that indicates a system malfunction. The grass in the dry areas eventually dries up, forming yellow patches, which can negatively affect your lawn's appearance. Additionally, you may notice water pooling in some parts of the yard. That probably means that the valves are damaged. You can achieve regular watering of your lawn through sprinkler repair, ensuring that your entire lawn is healthy.

Leaking Control Valves

Ideally, sprinkler valves deliver enough water to every section of your yard. However, if the valves are leaking, your sprinklers may not irrigate the lawn evenly. Dampness around the pressure valves or filters is an indication of possible leaks. When the valves break or get clogged by grass clipping or dirt molecules, the control valves may drip. Therefore, consider sprinkler repair to stop the leakage.

Low or extreme water pressure, leaking control valves, irregular watering, and high water bill are signs that you require sprinkler repair. Consider hiring irrigation repair services to fix your damaged sprinklers and achieve efficient watering of your lawn.

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