Cleaning Up Your Own Backyard

Signs of an Unhealthy Lawn

by Warren Garcia

Most homeowners know the benefits of having a lawn on their property. Apart from aesthetics, healthy lawns offer environmental, health, and social advantages. Unfortunately, you can't reap all these benefits if your lawn is unhealthy. You need to ensure your lawn is in good condition at all times. So, you should always look for any signs of an unhealthy lawn. Here is a rundown of the common signs you need to watch out for.

Weeds in Your Lawn

Weeds will always find their way to your lawn, no matter how hard you try. But the problem comes when you have too many weeds. They'll compete for nutrients, sunlight, and water with the grass. As such, your lawn grass will have fewer chances of thriving. 

The other problem with having weeds on your lawn is they'll stand out and make your yard look ugly. While you can solve the problem by uprooting the weeds, you need to hire a lawn care service to address the root cause. Otherwise, the problem will keep recurring.


You can quickly tell that there is a problem with your lawn when diseases start to crop up. The good thing is that lawn diseases cannot go unnoticed. Most diseases will ruin the appearance of your lawn. You'll notice dry spots and patches on your lawn or withered grass as well. 

While it's easy to spot lawn diseases, it's pretty challenging to treat them. As such, you need to hire lawn care services to identify and treat the disease before it ruins your entire lawn.

Color Changes

A healthy lawn will always have a lush green color as long as you give it proper nutrients and keep it hydrated. The color of grass can change slightly as the seasons change, but other than that, unusual colors indicate your lawn is unhealthy. Your grass can turn brown to indicate dehydration. Failure to address the problem early enough means that your lawn will die.

Pest Infestations

Pest infestations can ruin your lawn in a very short time. As such, you should check for any early signs of pests before they multiply in numbers. Apart from the physical presence of insects, you can tell that pests have invaded your turf if you see bite marks on grass, wilting blades, dying grass patches, and brown spots.

If you are dealing with underground pests, check for holes in the soil, thinning, and missing roots. Don't hesitate to hire lawn maintenance services if you need help to kill the pests before they wreak havoc on your beautiful lawn.