Cleaning Up Your Own Backyard

The Summer Lawncare Guide To Survive Droughts And Heatwaves With Green Turf

by Warren Garcia

If you like to have a well-maintained lawn, the summer months can be challenging. Therefore, you want to do some things to help keep the turf green and healthy through heatwaves and droughts. Some of the lawncare that will help you maintain healthy grass include:

Dethatch and Overseed Early

When the weather is warm enough, you want to dethatch your lawn to remove the old and dead roots. This will allow new shoots of grass blades to come in and make your lawn look greener and healthier. In addition to dethatching your lawn, it is also a good idea to overseed it before the weather gets too hot. You can use a hybrid mixture of grass for overseeding that has been developed to withstand heat and dry weather.

Adding a Slow-Release Fertilizer

Your lawn is going to need nutrients to grow healthy. If you have overseeded, the new growth can absorb nutrients in the soils quickly. Therefore, a slow-release fertilizer treatment can be good to promote healthier growth during hot and dry weather. In addition, these fertilizer treatments are also great for trees and other plants that you may have in your landscaping design. Using a slow-release treatment will also ensure the fertilizer doesn't cause damage due to grass and plants being over-fertilized.

Choosing the Right Lawn Irrigation

The irrigation of your lawn is also important during hot weather. You want to make sure the turf stays hydrated and add materials to the soil that help retain moisture. You may want to invest in a drip sprinkler system or soaker hoses that can be installed beneath the turf. You also want to avoid watering during the hottest hours of the day because this can cause the grass blades to be damaged.

Cutting the Grass for Healthier Turf

If you want healthier turf during the summer months, cutting your grass correctly is important. First, you want to cut the grass during cooler hours or weather. Also, cut the grass blades higher to prevent damage to the turf. Lastly, make sure you clean up the cuttings and avoid cutting when the lawn is wet after rains or irrigation. You can cut the grass lower when dethatching and overseeding to allow the new growth to establish before the weather gets too hot.

The early lawn care treatments will help ensure your turf is green and healthy through even the hottest summer weather. Contact a lawn care service for additional information.