Cleaning Up Your Own Backyard

5 Tips For Matching Discontinued Bricks

by Warren Garcia

Damaged landscaping bricks, whether it's brick paving or small walls, can be a challenge to fix if the brick design is no longer manufactured. Finding matching bricks isn't always possible, but there are a few options so you can still make successful repairs.

1. Match Closely

If you want to repair landscape bricks so that the surface looks exactly the same as before, the close match may be the only option. Work with your brickwork technician to source bricks that are the same shape with a similar color and texture. Don't overlook texture when it comes to finding a close match to the original bricks, as a differing texture can almost stand out more than a slightly different shade of color. 

2. Flip Bricks

Often exterior brick damage is only surface deep. If the issue is with chips or shallow cracks on the exposed surface, your brick service contractor may be able to reuse the bricks. They will remove any grout holding the brick in place and simply flip it over so the unblemished side is showing. The brick will then be grouted back in place. This is a simple way to get an exact match without having to hunt one down.

3. Relocate Matches

Sometimes it is impossible to find a match that is close enough to the original bricks, so any repair is likely to be obvious. If the damaged brick is in a highly visible area, you can have it replaced with a brick from a less visible area. The replacement brick is then placed in the less visible area where it won't stand out as much. This method works best if there are only a couple of bricks that need to be replaced.

4. Blend Better

Blending is a technique that helps replacement bricks fit in better when they aren't an exact match. For example, if you need to replace a patch of several bricks on a pathway but the replacement bricks are slightly darker in color, then your technician will use blending to make sure the patched area doesn't stand out. They do this by moving around the original bricks so that the new bricks are sprinkled throughout the paved area instead of concentrated in one spot. 

5. Use Patterns

Another option for when there are a lot of bricks to replace is to change up the pattern. You can remove bricks from the edge of a path or patio and use these to replace the damaged bricks in the center. Then, use a complimentary brick in a different color to replace the edge bricks so that now you have a decorative border.

Contact a brick work service if you need more help repairing exterior brick.