Cleaning Up Your Own Backyard

Paver Options To Give Outdoor Spaces Custom Surfaces

by Warren Garcia

If you want to add custom surfaces to outdoor spaces, pavers are the perfect solution. You have choices for the different types of pavers, styles, and designs that can be created with these surfaces. Thus, you may want to start planning a paver installation project to make over your outdoor areas. The following options will help you create the surfaces for your outdoor spaces:

Conventional Brick Pavers for Outdoor Surfaces

The most common type of paver is a solid brick paver. These are specially manufactured bricks that are designed to withstand the outdoor conditions and weight of cars. There are many areas of outdoor spaces where you may want to use brick pavers, including:

  • Driveways
  • Paths and sidewalks
  • Patio and outdoor gathering spaces

Conventional brick pavers are a good solution if you want to pave a driveway and other hardscaping around your home.

Colorful Landscaping Pavers for Grassy Areas and Drainage

In addition to the paved surfaces of driveways or outdoor patio areas, you may also want to use pavers in landscaping. Today, there are options for porous pavers, which can be used for a unique landscaping design. There are also many benefits to using porous pavers for landscaping, including:

  • Green solution for pavements
  • Improving drainage where water is an issue
  • Easy maintenance after paver installation

Porous pavers can be used in different situations. They can be used to enhance the appearance of your lawn, or as a green driveway pavement.

Tile Pavers for a Durable Extension of Indoor Spaces

If you want to extend the interior of your home outdoors, tile pavers will give you more of a flooring-like surface. These are pavers that resemble conventional tile but are installed without mortar or grout. Some of the options to consider for tile pavers include:

  • Interlocking tile pavers for decorative patterns
  • Tile pavers that resemble indoor tile
  • Custom designs with decorative features

Tile pavers are a great solution for surfaces on uneven terrain. They will provide an attractive surface that looks similar to indoor tiles.

Natural Pavers for a Premium Custom Surfaces Outdoors

There are also natural stone pavers that can be used for your outdoor surfaces. These can be a great solution to help blend the finishes of architecture into natural surroundings. You have several options for the natural stone that can be used for paver surfaces, including:

  • Slate pavers
  • Limestone pavers
  • Flagstone pavers

In addition to the natural stone paver materials, there are also options like synthetic stone and concrete pavers.

Pavers may be the perfect solution to add custom designs for outdoor living areas. Contact a paver installation surface to discuss some of these ideas to makeover your backyard.