Cleaning Up Your Own Backyard

A Drainage Contractor Helps With Yard Drainage And Basement Waterproofing

by Warren Garcia

If you have problems with water standing in your yard or water seeping into your basement, talk to a drainage contractor about your options. Your yard should drain properly when it rains, or you could have problems, such as a wet basement or foundation damage. Here are some options your drainage contractor might suggest.

Install A French Drain To Waterproof Your Basement

A French drain is a common solution for drainage problems around your house. This involves digging a trench along the side of your house so a drain can be buried in the ground. The purpose of the drain is to catch water before it has a chance to enter your basement. The water falls in the drain and is carried to the street or other safe locations. This drainage system is out of sight since the drain is under the ground. This is considered an exterior form of basement waterproofing.

Make A Dry Creek For Yard Drainage

If your property is a suitable match, a dry creek might be useful for collecting and draining water from your property. A dry creek is also an attractive landscaping element since it's lined with rocks. The contractor can create a small meandering creek that adds appeal to your property. When it rains, water rolls toward the creek and is directed to a safe place or allowed to sink in the ground so no puddles form in your yard and so the water doesn't flow toward your house. A dry creek also helps with erosion control.

Install A Channel Drain On Your Driveway

A channel drain is used to drain water off of your driveway. If water tends to get in your garage when it rains, a channel drain might help. These drains are installed in the concrete or asphalt rather than in your yard. When it rains, water flows toward the drain and is moved away from your garage so your garage no longer gets wet. Yard and driveway drains can move water toward the street or dry well. A dry well is a container that's placed under the ground to collect water from a yard drain or channel drain. The well has holes in the bottom that allow water to drain slowly into the soil so it doesn't form puddles.

Put In A Catch Basin For Yard Drainage

A catch basin is installed in a low area of your yard to collect water. The basin is attached to a drain that moves water out of the basin and toward a dry well or the street. This drainage system prevents standing water in your yard when it rains. A drainage contractor will determine if a catch basin is appropriate and if not, they'll recommend the best way to control drainage on your property to protect your home and prevent problems with standing water in your yard.

For more info about drainage service contractors, contact a local company.