Cleaning Up Your Own Backyard

Have Hot Summers? Install An In-Ground Pool To Cool Off

by Warren Garcia

If you live in an area that gets very hot summers, you should consider installing an in-ground pool. This will allow you and your family to cool off anytime it gets hot, as well as have a lot of fun. Keep reading for things to consider when you install a new pool, as well as information on how it is constructed.  


The first thing to determine is the budget as it can be up to $80,000 to install an in-ground pool.  Along with the budget, consider where you want to put the pool in your yard. The pool company you hire can help you with this. The size of the pool is also something to take into consideration. The size will play a role in how much the pool costs. Consider how large your family is so the size will be large enough if everyone wants to swim at the same time. The shape of the pool is also something you need to consider. You have a variety of shapes to choose from, which the pool company can show you. 

You also have to consider the costs it will take to maintain your new pool. You have to purchase chemicals to keep the water at the right chemical levels. The water will have to be tested periodically so you know if you need to add chemicals. There is equipment that has to be purchased and maintained. This includes the water pump that supplies the pool with water. Monthly electric bills will also go up during the swimming season if you have a heated pool. 

In-Ground Swimming Pool Construction

Plan on having contractors bring large equipment to your property to dig where the pool is going to be placed. They must have room to get to the area, so you need to remove things like landscaping items, lawn furniture, etc. Once they finish digging, they will install the plumbing to allow the water pump to pump water into the pool. Electrical lines are also installed if you are going to have a heated pool. The shotcrete (spraying concrete on the bottom and sides of the hole) is then installed. This must be allowed to completely dry and cure, which will take several days.

Once the concrete is dry, the tile and decking are installed. An interior finish is put on the tile and decking to make it more durable so it will last longer. They will then fill the pool with water, add chemicals, and make sure everything is working properly. 

The pool company you hire can go into much more detail about installing your new pool. Contact a local pool contractor to learn more.