Cleaning Up Your Own Backyard

Use Compost To Achieve Professional Looking Results

by Warren Garcia

Compost can play a key role in improving the aesthetical properties of your landscape. The high nutrient content of compost will enhance soil, providing your plants with all of the essential nutrients required for healthy growth.


Compost is decayed organic material. Yard clippings, fruit rinds, vegetable peels, and paper products are all items that can be added directly to a composting bin. Once the materials naturally break down, they will appear dark in color and have a slightly mushy texture. Compost contains minerals that will improve the quality of soil.

A professional landscaper can guide you in setting up a sustainable compost bin. In order to produce compost on a consistent basis, the compost container should be large enough to hold all of the waste materials that are incurred when gardening or disposing of household waste.

Compost is a material that can be generated without needing to pay any money. All of the waste that you collect will be responsible for producing the nutrients needed to improve the appearance and health of your residential landscape.

Composting Guidelines

The landscaper who you hire will brief you on how to cultivate compost. First, they will advise you on the type of container to use for your composting efforts. Then, they will outline the manner in which you should inspect the contents within your compost container.

In order for materials to decompose in a consistent manner, a compost bin should remain airtight. Your landscaper may advise you to add water to the bin. They may also instruct you to use a shovel to stir the contents within the bin. Once the materials are a consistent color and texture, you can use the compost to improve the nutrient content of the soil on your property.

Compost Applications

There are many ways that you can use compost to beautify your property. The decomposed materials can be used as a mulch replacement. You can add compost directly to a flowerbed or garden.

The compost can also improve bare parts of your yard. If there is a section of your property that you will be ultimately planting on, adding compost to the land will prepare the soil for planting.

If you use compost around the base of plants and trees, it should be applied evenly. When using compost for delicate plants, apply a light layer around the trunks and stems.

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