Cleaning Up Your Own Backyard

Getting Ready For Spring? Tips For Planning Your Landscaping Projects

by Warren Garcia

Spring is almost here. It's time to start planning your outdoor projects. If new landscaping is on the list, now's the time to prepare things. If you've never tackled a big landscape project before, you might not know where to start. If that's the case, read the list provided below. Here are some tips to help you get started on your landscaping plans. 

Know Your Microclimates    

If you're going to landscape the entire yard, get to know the microclimates. You might not know this, but you have different microclimates throughout the yard. Those microclimates include full sun, partial sun, shade, and deep shade. How you landscape your yard depends on the microclimates. Before you landscape your yard, identify each microclimate. That way, you can take advantage of the different areas.   

Plan Your Water Supply    

If you're ready to landscape your yard, make sure you plan for the water supply. It's hard to keep your yard well-hydrated when you don't have an adequate water supply in the yard. If you have limited water faucets in your yard, talk to a plumber about installing extra faucets. If that's not an option, plan your landscaping according to watering needs. For instance, plan a xeriscape garden in areas where watering is difficult. 

Maximize Plant Usage 

If you want to get the most from your landscaping plans, be sure to maximize your plant usage. Plants do more than bring color and beauty to your yard. You can use plants to create borders and to increase your privacy. If you're not sure how to use plants effectively, visit a local nursery. They can help you choose plants that will improve your landscaping plans. When choosing plants, be sure to consider the environment. For instance, if you live in a dry region of the country, try to avoid plants that need a lot of water and shade. 

Create Usable Space

If you're drawing up plans for your landscape, don't forget about usable space. One way to create usable space is to start with a theme. You can use the theme to carry the design elements throughout the yard. It's also important that you plan for usage. For instance, if you do a lot of entertaining in your backyard, include usable space for those activities. 

Get the yard of your dreams. Now that you're ready to landscape your yard, make sure you start with a plan. Use the tips provided here to get your plans off the ground.