Cleaning Up Your Own Backyard

Three Uses For Lava Rocks In Your Yard

by Warren Garcia

One of the best things about browsing through your local landscaping supply center is seeing the assortment of products that are available for sale. When it comes to rocks, you can expect to encounter a wide range of options, including large rocks that you can use for building walls, small rocks for various jobs in your yard, and everything in between. Lots of landscaping supply centers sell lava rocks, which have either a dark red or black color and offer a unique appearance compared to other rocks. If you like the look of lava rocks, here are three ways to use them. 

Rock Garden

A rock garden can be a stylish addition to any yard. Even if your yard is small, you can build a rock garden in a planter and enjoy its appearance when you sit outside. There are many different rocks that are suitable for use in a rock garden, including lava rocks. Their unique look will help to give your rock garden, regardless of its size, an appearance that isn't the norm for rock gardens. If you're the type of person who loves having unique features in your yard that people will enjoy when they visit, a rock garden that features lava rocks will be a good idea.

Fire Pit

Lava rocks can also work well in fire pits. While you'll commonly find fire pits that come with lava rocks, you might already have a pit that you use. Depending on its design, you might be able to place lava rocks around the top surface. These rocks are highly resistant to heat, which means that they'll stand up well to this application. Watching flames flickering around your new rocks can be a relaxing way to spend an evening on your patio or deck.


There are several different types of rocks that can work well for a pathway in your yard, including lava rocks. If you want something less common, lava rocks are an option. For example, many of your neighbors may have pathways with river stones and other common types of rock, which will give your lava rock path more of a unique feel. You can decide whether dark red or black would be a better look for the path, and perhaps even consider planting some flowers that have a complementary color along the path's length.

Learn more about lava rocks at your local landscaping supply center.