Cleaning Up Your Own Backyard

Protecting Your Landscaping From Weeds

by Warren Garcia

For many homeowners, it can be easy to fail to prioritize weed control and mitigation. Unfortunately, this can be a decision that has the potential to have long-lasting and significant impacts on the property's landscaping.

Weeds Can Impair The Development Of The Plants You Want Growing On Your Property

When weeds are allowed to grow on your property, they will impair the growth of your grass, flowers, and other plants that you want to be prominent. This is due to the fact that the weeds will actually compete with these plants, and this could result in the plants being denied the root space, nutrients, and sunlight that they will need to fully thrive. In extreme cases, weeds may even be able to kill these plants.

Weeds Can Thrive In Areas That May Struggle To Support Grass Or Flowers

A common assumption that people will have about weed control is that this is only necessary for areas where they are actively growing plants as part of their landscaping design. However, it is also important to eliminate weeds that may be growing in areas where you are not directly growing these plants. For example, some properties may have bare sections of soil in areas that may not be visually prominent. While these areas may not play a large role in the aesthetics of the property's primary landscaping, it is still important to prevent weeds from being able to grow in these areas. Once weeds start growing in these areas, they may be able to spread throughout the property more easily, which can directly increase the number of weeds that are growing in flower beds, the lawn, and other portions of the landscaping.

Pulling A Weed May Not Fully Eliminate It

When a homeowner notices that there is a weed growing on their property, they may assume that they will simply have to pull it out of the ground to eliminate the problem. However, pulling weeds may not always be an effective solution for eliminating any weeds that are growing on the property. This is due to the fact that many weeds will be able to regenerate as long as the majority of their roots are left behind. If you are planning to pull a weed, it is necessary to make sure that as much of the root system is removed as possible. By simply removing the visible part of the weed, you may only temporarily address this problem as the weed may be able to rapidly return.

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