Cleaning Up Your Own Backyard

Overseeing the Removal of a Tree From Your Property

by Warren Garcia

Removing a tree is a major change to make to your landscaping. However, it can be a necessary change for both safety and cosmetic reasons for the property. Regardless of the reason that you are having the tree removed, there are some important steps to follow in order to keep this project free of complications and challenges.

Some Trees Will Need To Be Removed In Sections

Depending on the size of the tree and the proximity of nearby structures or obstacles, larger trees may need to be removed in sections. This will involve the top of the tree being cut at regular intervals until the tree is short enough to be safely cut down. This may increase the amount of time that the tree removal will require along with the costs of this project, but it is typically one of the safest options for removing very large trees or those that may be close enough to structures to pose a threat to them if they were to fall on them.

You Should Consider Having The Tree Treated For Pests Prior To Cutting It Down

Before having the tree cut down, it can be beneficial to have it treated for pests. Insects and small animals that are in the tree can spread to other areas of the property when the tree is cut down. In cases of termites, ants, or other insects, this can be especially problematic as they may attempt to move to your home once the tree is cut down. In order to prevent this, the tree will need to be treated by a pest control service. These services can eliminate the vast majority of these pests so that they will be less likely to relocate once the tree has been cut. For the best results, it may be ideal to wait several weeks after the pest control treatments are applied to give them time to work.

Thoroughly Rake And Clean The Area Near The Tree Removal After The Work Is Complete

After the tree has been cut down, there may be a large number of leaves, branches, and other debris in the vicinity of where the tree was located. Ideally, these materials should be cleaned up fairly soon after the removal work. While this might not seem like an important detail in this process, it will be important for preventing various weeds from spouting, and it can avoid the branches or a large number of leaves from attracting some potential pests to the area.

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