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Can You Benefit From A French Drain? What You Should Know

by Warren Garcia

If you are having some drainage issues, you may want to consider a French drain. A French drain can solve several drainage issues if it is the best option for your property. If you have never heard of a French drain, or you would like to know if it would solve your drainage problems, the following information may be helpful:

What Is a French Drain?

A French drain is a system of perforated pipes that are buried in a trench filled with gravel. The drain helps to direct water from surfaces or the ground away from a certain area, particularly away from the foundation of your home. The goal of this system is to direct the water to the lowest point on your property while it slowly moves out of the perforations. The gravel helps prevent the passage of any debris. A French drain uses gravity to force the water from the surface and move it down into the desired area. A French drain is different from your standard surface drain. A French drain will collect the water from the entire drain length rather than in one area. This system also keeps water from pooling in certain areas once the water reaches the end of the drain line. Instead of pooling in one place, it evenly distributes throughout your yard and into a more desirable part of your property.

What Problems Can a French Drain Solve?

French drains are utilized by those who have water buildup on their property. If there are any cracks in your home's foundation, a French drain can help prevent water from invading those cracks and keep catastrophic damage at bay. French drains are also useful to rid excess water drainage problems on sports fields, landscaped areas, and near retaining walls. If you are unsure if a French drain will work for your property, look at the ground the next time it rains heavily. If you have pooling water that sits for days, a French drain may help. Check the walls of your basement also. If the floor is wet or smells stale due to water buildup, you could benefit from a French drain. An outdoor concrete or paved floor, such as a patio, can also suffer water damage. You will also have to deal with pesky mosquitoes from water pooling around the area of the patio. A French drain is useful in this scenario as well.

For more information on French drain system installation, contact a landscaper in your area.