Cleaning Up Your Own Backyard

Removing One Or More Trees From Your Property

by Warren Garcia

Tree services can offer homeowners some important types of help when it comes to removing trees that may be suffering health problems or that otherwise pose threats to the property. For any property owner with large trees on their land, it can be worth the effort to be informed about the process of removing these plants.

Tree Removal Can Be Necessary For The Safety Of The Property

Unfortunately, a large tree that is suffering significant health problems or that has suffered serious damage could be very vulnerable to collapsing. If this occurs, the tree could potentially collapse on the home, cars, powerlines, or other important parts of the property. Additionally, this could pose a threat of injury to anyone that is in the vicinity when the tree falls. Removing trees that are showing signs of these issues can be a drastic change to your landscaping, but it will potentially save you from severe injuries or costly repairs in the near future.

A Property Survey Should Be Completed Prior To Removing Trees From Near The Perimeter Of The Yard

If the trees that you are needing to remove are located along the perimeter of your property, it may be wise to invest in having the land surveyed prior to removing the trees. Unfortunately, removing a tree that is not on your property can be extremely costly, as you could owe your neighbor considerable financial damages due to the cost of buying, transporting, and planting a replacement tree. Simply investing in having a land survey completed prior to starting this work can safely avoid these issues by ensuring that you are only removing trees that are on your property.

Removing The Stump Can Lead To Changes In Runoff And Erosion

Removing the stump is an important step for keeping termites from building a colony in it. However, this can have a sizable impact on the erosion and runoff patterns for the property. Counteracting these issues will require the spot where the stump was located to be completely filled with soil and gravel. Also, grass should be planted over it as soon as possible so that it will hold this soil in place. Without these steps, you may find that the hole where the stump was located will rapidly increase in size. To assist their clients, there are some stump removal services that can fill these holes for their clients to avoid the need for them to hire another contractor for this simple task.

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