Cleaning Up Your Own Backyard

6 Flower Bed Maintenance Jobs a Landscaping Service Provides

by Warren Garcia

Full-service landscapers can do much more than just mow the grass. If you have unkempt flower beds around your home, then a landscaping service is just what you need to get them in top condition. You can better enjoy the beauty of landscaped flower beds with little work done. 

1. Bed Preparation

Springtime is the time to prepare the flower beds that frame your yard. Landscapers can perform soil testing, add fertilizer and compost, and weed the soil in preparation for planting. They may even provide planting services, where they work with you to choose annual flowers for the beds. The landscapers will then put in the flowers and swap them out for new ones as the season progresses.

2. Mulching

One of the best ways to keep gardens beautiful is with a good wood chip or pine straw mulch. Mulch hides bare soil, keeps the moisture in the soil, and smothers any weeds that try to sprout. Fresh mulch should be spread in spring, after the annual flowers are put in. 

3. Edging

Another important part of a flower bed that keeps out weeds, namely lawn grass incursion, is edging. If your beds aren't edged, ask your landscapers to put in edging. You can opt for basic rubber edging strips or a decorative strip. Another option is to have the landscapers dig a trench edging around the perimeter of each bed.

4. Cleanup

At the end of the season, the landscape beds are littered with dead stems, fading annual flowers, brown leaves, and other debris. Your landscapers can trim back any dormant plants and tear out dead ones. They'll finish by raking everything so the bed is nice and clean. Not only will your beds look better, clean beds are less likely to harbor pests or plant diseases.

5. Winterization

For those landscaping beds with perennial plants, winterization may be necessary. For example, peonies are typically cut to within a few inches of the ground and covered in mulch to protect the roots from frost exposure. If you have plants that require a bit of TLC to make it through winter, then a landscaping service can help.

6. Care

Ongoing maintenance through the growing season is another needed task if you have flower beds in your yard or bordering your home. Landscaping services may offer weeding, fertilization, mid-season trimming, and a plethora of other services to keep your yard looking its best.

Contact a landscaping service if you need help with more than just the lawn.