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Landscape Limbo: Key Questions to Ask Yourself When You Are Uncertain About Your New Landscape Design

by Warren Garcia

It is not uncommon to not be sure exactly what you want when having your landscape designed. Perhaps you have an idea about what you want but are unsure what features you should incorporate into your design plan. Asking yourself a few key questions will help you narrow down the features and elements that are best for your landscape.

How much can I realistically afford to spend?

Setting a non-negotiable budget is a crucial step when discussing plans with your landscaping contractor and will help you prevent unexpected costs later. It can help you eliminate high-cost features that will drain your budget and make way for less expensive elements you can afford.

How Much Time Do You Have for Maintenance?

One mistake people make when designing a landscape is using too many features that are high maintenance. It is important to take a realistic look at your time or whether you can afford to pay for maintenance and upkeep. If your time is limited, you can choose options that still add beauty but require little to no maintenance, such as adding hardscape features and using perennial plants rather than annual plants.

How Will You Use Your Outdoor Space Most?

Will you entertain frequently, or do you prefer quiet evenings at home with your family? Do you want to grow your own fruits and vegetables? Do you prefer flowers or greenery?

You may wish to add an outdoor kitchen if you entertain a lot. If you prefer quiet evenings with your family, you may focus more on adding a pond and an area designed for relaxation. If you enjoy gardening, add a space for a raised bed garden or to plant a cottage flower garden.

Are You Planning to Sell in the Future?

Whether you plan to remain in your home or sell in the future matters when planning your landscape design. If you plan to sell, you should ask your contractor which features will make your home more marketable for the future and incorporate some of them into your design. If you plan to remain, you can worry less about marketability and focus more on your desires.

When you cannot decide what elements you should add to your landscape design, it helps to take a realistic approach to determine what features are best for you and your family. Start by asking yourself a few key questions. This will help you narrow down those elements that are important to you and get started creating a landscape design that will serve you well.

Speak with a residential landscaping contractor to learn more about your options.