Cleaning Up Your Own Backyard

4 Reasons Tree Trimming is Important for the Grounds of Your Professional Building

by Warren Garcia

If you own or manage a professional building, it's important to keep the grounds welcoming and tidy to make a good impression on clients. While trees add beauty to a property, they can also cause some problems if you don't have them trimmed regularly. Here's why tree trimming is important for the land around your professional building.

Thinned Branches Allow More Light In

A tree that's left to grow wild can have dense branches that block most of the light. This can give the property a dreary look if the tree is close to the building. You can have the tree trimmed to thin out some branches so more light shines through to the ground. This can help the tree stay healthy, and it also allows light to nourish grass so there are no bare spots under the tree. With more light shining through, your property will look more cheerful and welcoming.

Increased Light Fights off Algae Stains

Too much shade can be a problem for sidewalks that never receive any sun. Mold and algae can grow and turn the sidewalk an ugly green or black color. The area under the tree can even take on a musty odor due to the lack of sunlight and growth of mold. Too much shade on the roof of the building can allow algae or moss to grow on the roof and make the roof look ugly. Trimming back tree branches or thinning them out can combat these problems by allowing more sunlight to filter on your roof and walkways.

Damaged Branches Can Be Dangerous

If a tree is sick or badly damaged, it should be removed so it doesn't damage your building. A tree can be healthy and still have a few damaged branches from a storm or insect problem. If the branches die off, they may fall from the tree in a strong wind. The branches might land on a person walking by or harm a car or other property. Dead or damaged branches should be trimmed away for safety reasons, and to improve the appearance of the tree.

Low Branches Block the View

Another reason to keep the trees on your property trimmed is so low branches won't block anyone's line of sight. Tree branches should be tall enough they don't block the vision of drivers pulling in and out of your lot.

Low branches can also be an annoyance to people walking under the trees. With the lower branches trimmed away, you can enjoy the beauty and benefits of mature trees on your property without the branches interfering with people using your property.