Cleaning Up Your Own Backyard

Set In Stone: Decorative Masonry Services For Landscaping Purposes

by Warren Garcia

There are all kinds of masonry services available to homeowners, but perhaps the most interesting kind of masonry helps decorate your landscaping. These particular services set up permanent features that enhance your yard and your garden. If you think you would like to know what kinds of things a professional mason can do for your yard, check out the following. 

Stepping Stones

Old English gardens have stepping stones throughout the landscape. These stones are meant to be walked upon and keep garden admirers from wandering off the path and destroying the flowers in bloom. The stepping stones also make it easier for gardeners to get to certain areas of the garden to maintain those areas and keep everything looking nice. You can just add the stepping stones for the purpose of walking around your garden and making the space look very organized and pretty.

To pour the stepping stones, the mason asks you to select a size, shape, and style of stepping stone. You can add different decorative touches to each stone while the mason makes perfectly level spots in your yard to place each stone. When your stepping stones are fully cured, the mason taps them out of the molds and cements them to the selected leveled areas in your yard. 

Elevated Brick Gardens

Each of these gardening spaces consists of an elevated brick wall in either a square or rounded shape. Sometimes these gardens are tiered, to give each area of your yard a focal point filled with color and interesting plants. You can discuss the formation and style of elevated brick gardens with your masonry contractor. Then he/she will build these elevated gardens on a concrete slab foundation, building up layers of brick and mortar to create the desired look. When he/she is finished, you fill the openings in the brick areas with rich soil and plant whatever you like there. 

Bridges over Koi Ponds

If you want to incorporate a Koi pond in your yard, or just a water garden in general, the mason can build a very nice little footbridge over the pond itself. That way, you can look over either side of the footbridge into the water below. Additionally, if you want the water garden or Koi pond to be fully contained and remain indefinitely, the mason can create the perfect pond basins for you using concrete and shaping the concrete to create visual interest.