Cleaning Up Your Own Backyard

Aspects Of Lawn Care That Promote A Healthy Lawn

by Warren Garcia

Proper lawn care requires a time commitment and knowledge about grass and weeds. You may not have the time or interest necessary for growing a lush and healthy lawn. Fortunately, you can hire a lawn care service to maintain your yard so it always looks professionally tended with no effort on your part. Here are some important steps that you or your lawn care service should take to keep your yard in top shape.

Fill In Brown Areas

Patches of brown and dying grass could be a sign that your yard is in trouble and needs attention. The problem might be sprinklers that aren't positioned properly, weeds, bugs, pet damage, foot traffic, or any number of things. Brown spots make your yard look ugly, and they can also give weeds a place to take hold and then spread. Keeping your grass thick and lush is a good form of weed control, so seeds or grass plugs should be planted in areas where the grass is thin or in patches where grass has died out. Also, correct the problem that caused the grass to die off when possible so it doesn't happen again.

Use Lawn Equipment In Good Repair

One advantage of hiring a lawn care service is that they provide their own equipment. This saves you from buying and storing lawn tools, and it also saves you from having to sharpen blades and maintain equipment. The blades of a mower have to be sharp so the cut is clean. A dull blade shreds the grass blades, and that can affect the health of the grass. Also, a professional knows the best equipment to use, such as a mulching mower, and when it's best to catch clippings in a bag. For instance, if weeds are a big problem, then catching clippings in a bag might be better so weed seeds aren't spread around your yard.

Treat For Weeds

If you keep your grass as healthy as possible through regular cutting, watering, and fertilizing, then weeds won't be too much of a problem because healthy grass crowds them out. When weeds are spotted, you may want to treat them with a herbicide that kills the type of weed you have without killing the grass. If you use weed killers yourself, be sure to read the label and follow the instructions carefully, because some products will also kill the grass and leave brown spots in your yard. A lawn care company will know the right treatment to use for any weeds in your yard.

Mulch Up Leaves

If you hate the thought of raking leaves every autumn, then your lawn care company can mulch them with a mulching mower instead. It's a quicker and easier way to get leaves off of the grass, and the leaf mulch provides nutrition for the lawn. You may not have lawn service through the winter, but try to schedule your last visit after all the leaves fall so your lawn can be cleared off for a long winter rest. Leaving whole leaves and leaf piles on your lawn could cause harm to your grass, and mulching them with a mower is an easy way to get rid of the problem and make your lawn look more attractive at the same time.