Cleaning Up Your Own Backyard

4 Ways To Landscape Your Business to Draw Positive Attention

by Warren Garcia

When it comes to landscaping the outside of your business, you need to think beyond just some basic grass. The landscaping outside of your business makes an impression on your customers and can bring in customers or cause them to turn away. Your landscaping really matters. Here are three tricks for creating engaging landscaping in front of your business. 

Focus on the Entrance

First, you need to make sure you focus your landscaping efforts on the front of the business. The front of the business is where people's eyes are going to be drawn because the entrance is where they come in and out of your building; thus it is going to be one of the areas of your landscaping that they will notice the most.  

Really play up the space around the entrance. Create an inviting pathway to the front door. Line the pathway with rocks and floors. Right next to the entrance, add some potted plants that really bring the landscaping home.  

Layer Your Plants

When you choose plants to use in your landscaping, make sure that you layer your plants. You want to plant short flowers close to the walkways and around the base of flowerbeds. Then, you want to layer with bushes and trees. You want to create height changes with your plants. 

Don't just layer the height of the plants; try to layer the colors as well. You don't want all of the plants around your building to be the same color. Use different shades and tones of green. Add bushes in nontraditional colors, such as yellow and red. Plant vibrant flowers that bloom throughout the year for splashes of color across your landscaping.  

Add Some Outdoor Furniture

Add a little outdoor furniture to the outside of your business. It doesn't have to be elaborate, but even a simple bench can make the landscaping look more inviting. Don't use cheap outdoor furniture; put nice stone benches that enhance the beauty of your landscaping. Outdoor furniture makes it look like you want people to stop and appreciate the landscaping outside of your building. People may not take advantages of the benches that you put out that often, but it is really the thought that counts  

Make Sure Your Building Is Visible

Finally, make sure that your building is visible. When you landscape, you may need to trim back trees or remove bushes that obstruct the view of your building when people drive up. If your business services clients during the evening hours, you'll want to include lights in your landscape plan so that your landscaping, and your building, is visible no matter the time of day.  

Don't go so overboard with your landscaping that your business is not visible. You want your business to be clearly seen and easy to identify. You don't want your landscaping to cover up your business sign or hide your business; you want your landscaping to accent your business.  

When it comes to landscaping your business in Walton, KY, you should hire a commercial landscaper to add greenery to your building and make a good impression on customers.