Cleaning Up Your Own Backyard

Three Benefits Of Installing Landscaping Lighting

by Warren Garcia

Your landscape design plays a huge role in the overall appearance of your home, but also has a functional side. The hardscaping installations in your yard allow you to relax and entertain guests outdoors, creating a natural extension from your interior space. Installing lighting in your landscape is a unique way of ensuring that your landscape is both visible and usable at night. Knowing some of the key benefits associated with having lighting installed throughout your landscaping design can help you decide if you should start thinking about installing lights on your property.


One of the most important benefits that comes with having a series of lights installed throughout your yard is the increased security that proper lighting offers. Lights that are always on, or that come on with motion sensors, can help discourage potential intruders and scare off nocturnal wildlife that may come wandering onto your property. Furthermore, lighting allows for walkways and potential tripping hazards to be illuminated and uncovered, reducing the chances that you will accidentally fall and injure yourself if you are outside after sunset – which is especially important in the area around your pool or hot tub, which may become slippery.

Increased Outdoor Time

Another thing to take into consideration when it comes to landscaping lights is that their installation can increase how long you can stay outside. This is ideal for warmer climates, where it is almost always temperate enough to stay outdoors late into the night, and is also well-suited for homeowners who often entertain guests in their homes. Having a well-lit outdoor space can expand the amount of usable entertaining space that you have, which can help make the interior of your home feel less cramped and crowded. As already mentioned, installing lighting around your pool is also something you should consider, as it can allow you to take late night swims safely.

Aesthetic Considerations

Finally, the last thing to think about when considering potentially installing lighting as a part of your landscaping design is the aesthetic benefits that come with doing so. Having lights around your property can help make your home look more attractive at night by making your house and your landscape visible. You can choose to highlight specific areas of your yard that you believe would be the most attractive. This can boost the overall curb appeal of your property, and may be a selling point for your home if you are thinking about listing it for sale or for rent at any point in the near future.

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