Cleaning Up Your Own Backyard

Tips For Summer Lawn Care

by Warren Garcia

If you want to keep your home's lawn looking green like a city park all summer and well into fall, then these summer lawn care tips will help you be successful:

Tip: Spread a Bag of Weed and Feed in the Late Spring

As with other types of vegetation, your lawn needs to be fed with fertilizer each year and the weeds need to be removed from it. Since spring rains bring along a lot of weed growth, it is a perfect time to spread out a bag of weed and feed. This product is great for killing common lawn weeds and will feed your lawn all of the nutrients it needs to keep it nice and green all summer.

Tip: Remove Pet Waste Daily from the Lawn

If your family has pets that use your lawn for their bathroom, then you need to remove the solid waste piles each day. The longer the waste sits on the lawn, the more chance the acids in it will kill the surrounding grass plants. If you often leave your pet waste on your lawn waiting for your once-per-week removal service, then your lawn will develop large dry spots in it.

Tip: Set Your Lawnmower on Its Highest Blade Setting

The biggest mistakes most homeowners make when caring for their lawns is to cut them down too close to the ground. When you mow your lawn down too low, it makes the grass plants struggle to grow. You can avoid this struggling by leaving the lawn an inch or two longer. Leaving the extra growth will allow your grass to stay greener and not require as much water.

Tip: Water Your Lawn at Dawn Each Morning

As long as you do not live in an area where there are restrictions on when and how much you can water your lawn, you should always water it in the early morning hours. Watering during the hot daytime hours will cause the water to evaporate and wastes it. Watering during the evening will leave your lawn wet at night and can lead to problems with fungal growth.

Tip: Consider Using a Professional Lawn Care Company

As you can clearly see, caring for your lawn and keeping it looking green and park-like all summer does involve a fair amount of work. If you will be too busy this summer to give your lawn all of the time it needs, then you should consider hiring a professional lawn care company. Landscaping assistance is a fairly inexpensive home service and your lawn will thank you.