Cleaning Up Your Own Backyard

Bought Some Old Farmland? Here Is How To Clear It

by Warren Garcia

Farmers learned long ago how to clear land. However, you are not exactly Old MacDonald. You will need help from land clearing services. Here is what these services can do to help you clear your acres of land, either for farming or something else.

Removing Weeds and Tall Brush

The first thing this type of service company does is clear the weeds and tall brush. Weeds can cause breathing problems and skin irritations. Removing these will make the clearing process easier for the workers as well as creating a better and healthier environment for you. Tall brush is either burned with the permission of the nearest fire department or hacked away with a scythe or brush cutter. Now there is enough clear land to get to the trees on the property.

Removing Trees

You should be selective with the trees you remove from your property. Trees help prevent soil erosion, so some trees should remain, especially near any waterways on your property. The clearing service cuts down the trees, sends the whole tree through a shredder/chipper, and then goes to work on the stumps. The stumps may be ground down to the soil, excavated, and pulled like a bad tooth, or if the trees are far away from other domiciles and human life, blasted out of the ground.

Making the Ground Level for Planting

Finally, if you are going to plant a lot of grass seed, or roll out several tons of sod, the clearing service will make the ground completely level across the majority of the acres you purchased. With the ground level, you can plant crops or a large garden for personal sustainability. You can feed whatever horses or livestock you are raising, and you can create however many green, grassy areas you want with grass seed or sod.


When you own several acres of land, it is difficult to maintain it without help. You can rehire the land clearing services to return every couple of months to reduce the weeds, tall grasses, and number of tree seedlings that Mother Nature plants for you. This reduces your workload in attempting to go all around all of your property trying to do the maintenance yourself. It removes the stress of figuring out how you intend to maintain your property, too. Ask the service workers how much it would cost to do this every couple of months, and then you can sign a contract for continued service.