Cleaning Up Your Own Backyard

2 Reasons To Have Your Stump Grinded Out

by Warren Garcia

A stump grinder is a machine you use to aggressively chip away a new or old stump down to its roots, leaving nothing but a hole behind. You can fill the whole with dirt and then lay sod on it or grass seed to fill the space and erase nearly all traces of there ever having been a stump in the first place.

If you are unsure whether a stump in your yard needs to be removed or if it is just fine where it lays, then use this guide to assist you. You can call a landscaper or tree arborist to remove your stump for you or you can rent a stump grinder from your local equipment rental store and do the job yourself.

Your stump is rotting

A rotting stump should be removed because it can easily become a host for a number of pests you don't want in your yard. Ants, wasps, certain species of bees, earwigs, and other pests can dig into your stump and carve out a large nest.

Another reason to remove a rotting tree stump is because mold or mushrooms can grow on it, creating a mess in your yard. A rotting stump should be removed right away before it becomes an eyesore in your yard.

Your stump is in the way

A tree stump in the middle of your yard can keep you from being able to mow around it properly or enjoy your yard to its fullest. a stump near your fence can still have active roots that cause your fencing to become entangled in ever-growing tree roots. Before you rent a stump grinder to take your stump out, measure its width and thickness so you can rent the right machine capable of grinding away the stump to nearly nothing.

Always wear protective eye wear, such as goggles, and leather or other work gloves to remove a tree stump. Since debris can fly around, it's best to wear close-toed shoes and long pants and a long-sleeve shirt as well to protect your body from flying wood chips or a runaway tree root.

Once your tree stump is removed, you can then fill the space with soil, fertilizer, mulch, or even gravel, depending on what you want to use the area for. If you are unsure how to operate a stump grinder, call your arborist or landscaper to do the job for you so you can successfully remove your tree stump without issue.