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Looking For A Sprinkler Repair Service? Upgrade Instead Of Repair An Old System For These Perks

by Warren Garcia

If you have purchased an older home that has an outdated sprinkler system and you are looking to upgrade to a newer system that works more efficiently, and more easily, you want to call a sprinkler repair and replacement company. There are a lot of great modern features you can enjoy when you have your system replaced. Talk with the professionals about the following sprinkler options for your home:

Solar Powered Options

Find a sprinkler system that can be powered or partially powered by solar energy. These systems will charge throughout the day with a panel that is in your house, or located somewhere within your yard, and then it helps to save energy that you would use. Talk with the sprinkler repair expert to see what options are available, and how much money this could save you.

Water Sensors  

It may seem easiest to set timers to water the lawn every day at a certain time. Unfortunately, if it rains or if the ground is holding a lot of water, you don't want to overwater or pay for the sprinklers to run. Get a sprinkler system that has sensors to determine if the lawn needs water and if it doesn't then the system won't go off and need water.

Smart Technology

Just like everything else in your home, you want to be able to control the sprinkler from your smartphone or see what is going on with your sprinkler system from your smartphone. This means you have an electronic panel in your garage or somewhere in your home, and then you can access this panel and get alerts from a cell phone, laptop or tablet.

Efficient Sprinkler Heads

The type of sprinkler head you have could be wasting water or could be improperly located to help water your property in the most efficient way. Look into the most efficient sprinkler head options to see what you can get, what will save you money, and what will eliminate water waste.

Get a quote to see what it will cost to repair the sprinkler system that you currently have, and look at is a way to maintain your property, and to help maintain the value of your home. There are many professionals that do repair and installation for sprinkler systems, so get more than one quote for the problem and determine what the cost will be before you start the project. 

Contact a local sprinkler repair service for more information and assistance.