Cleaning Up Your Own Backyard

Adding Color To Enhance The Beauty Of Your Property

by Warren Garcia

If you have a rather large backyard and feel it is quite monotonous with too much greenery, adding splashes of color to your land is a great way to improve its overall appearance. Adding some focal points among green grass and foliage will make the land feel larger as well. Here are a few ideas to consider incorporating into your own backyard to give it a burst of color.

Add Decorative Stones Around The Perimeter

One fun way to add color to your yard is with the addition of colored stone or gravel. These rocks can be purchased from a home goods store to be added to your land on your own if you wish. Simply place the pieces along the perimeter of your property, making sure to add several inches in width so the color will be visible. Add the stone or gravel pieces around plants or flowers to make them stand out. Rocks can also be placed around the perimeter of your home. This will aid in keeping pests from invading your structure, as many insects and rodents prefer grassy surfaces to walk upon over rocky ones.

Consider Adding A Pathway In An Interesting Color

A cobblestone, paved, or asphalt walkway makes a great addition for a large backyard. This will become a favorite area for those living in and visiting the home to use for strolling throughout the grounds without worry about getting shoes dirty or encountering uneven land. Add some solar powered lights along the pathway so its beauty can be enjoyed during the nighttime hours as well.

Plant Flowers In Festive Decorative Pots

Flowers can spruce up a yard instantly. Purchase blooms in bright colors to place inside large planters. Stick with one color scheme for a uniform look, or mix things up a bit with the use of several different shapes, sizes, and hues of flowers to give the backyard a visible change. The planters you select will also aid in giving your yard additional color.

Use A Large Statue Or Bird Bath For Uniqueness

A central focal point will break up the monotony of a large lawn with ease. Purchase an interesting statue, a stone fountain, or a ceramic bird bath to use as your conversation piece. Position this large item in the middle of your grounds. A bench will also make a great addition to this area and can be used for relaxing and admiring the focal point, if desired.

For help in planning these improvements to your yard, you can contact landscape design services in your area. Their expertise will help you make your vision a reality.