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Five Things Plants Can Do For Your Office

by Warren Garcia

Plants play an important part in the air we breathe. In fact, many of the reasons why people bring plants indoors has everything to do with improving indoor air quality. There are other things plants can do for your office space as well. 

1. Add a Decorative Touch

Many indoor plants produce pretty flowers. These pretty flowers are quite decorative, and add color to an otherwise colorless work space. If you are not very good at keeping green, growing things alive, consider cacti. The Christmas cactus and a couple of smaller cacti produce some very beautiful flowers and require very little water and care.

2. Have a Healthier Air Flow Indoors

Plants give off oxygen and take in carbon dioxide. As such, they produce better indoor air quality, which decreases the possibility of upper respiratory viruses. Certain plants are also allergen-free, in case anyone working in the office with you is allergic to plants. You can get the same benefits from allergen-free plants with regards to air quality as you can with other indoor plants.

3. Plants Create a Sense of Calm

Most people automatically associate plants with the outdoors and being in nature. As such, it creates a sense of calm and peace to see plants indoors. To really amplify that sense of calm, try keeping highly fragrant potted flowers in the office, such as hyacinths, roses, and dwarf lilac bushes.

4. Incorporate Water Plants and Fish

Some offices keep beta fish in a vase with water plants. This creates a fun focal point for visitors because they can see these air-breathing fish fluttering around in the vase and the lovely green of the water plants just above that. It is also an interesting alternative to plants that require dirt to grow.

5. Draw Attention to Something Important in the Room

Seeing plants in an office tends to draw attention to where the plants are sitting or hanging. If you want to intentionally draw attention to an area of the office, then plants can help draw visitors' attention to that one spot. For example, if you want people to see that you have some massaging recliners for guest use, you can place plants like a ficus tree or a mini-banana tree in between the lounge chairs. Visitors are drawn to check out these unusual indoor plants, only to find the massaging chairs close by. Whatever you want people to pay more attention to in your office, you can do it with plants.

Work with a design firm, like Environmental Designs, to figure out the best way to incorporate plants into your workspace.