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3 Landscaping Irrigation Solutions To Save Your Time, Money, And Resources

by Warren Garcia

If you want to save time and money with your landscaping irrigation, there are some improvements to consider. Installing water collection, weather stations, more efficient sprinklers, and drip irrigation will help to reduce water consumption and save time with manual irrigation, repairs, and maintenance. Here are some of the best irrigation solutions to help improve your sprinkler systems:

1. Smart Controls/Timers That Collect Network Data for Better Irrigation

Today, smart irrigation controls are a great solution for landscaping irrigation. These controls are a lot more than the timers that were used in the past. Modern irrigation controls can collect data from the internet, such as forecasts and watering restrictions. This information is then used with local data from features like garden weather stations. The smart controls can help you avoid watering fines during drought conditions, but still choose the optimal time to water landscaping to ensure plants get the water they need to be healthy.

2. Drip Irrigation Connected to Sprinklers for Better Water Usage Design

Drip irrigation systems can also be connected to modern sprinkler systems. With the help of a special manifold, you can remove sprinklers from areas where they are not needed, such as a shaded flower bed. Instead, drip irrigation will provide water to the plants when needed; helping you to reduce water consumption and ensure plants are healthy. With a drip irrigation system, the water is applied directly at the base of the plant, so it gets soaked up by the root system. With sprinklers, water may never reach the root system, which can cause problems and unhealthy plants that are not getting the water they need during irrigation.

3. Completely Replacing Sprinklers with Soaker Hoses Beneath the Lawn

The areas of modern landscaping where water gets wasted the most are grass lawns. Instead of an old sprinkler system, consider installing soaker hoses. Today, there are also special soaker hoses that are designed to be buried beneath the turf, which prevents problems with evaporation or burnt blades of grass due to moisture. The water from a soaker hose works like drip irrigation and waters the lawn at the roots of grass, providing water where it is needed instead of broadcasting water that is often wasted with a sprinkler system.

These are some of the improvements that can be used to help improve your landscaping. Contact a landscaping contractor to help with some of these improvements for the landscaping of your home.

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