Cleaning Up Your Own Backyard

4 Benefits Of Installing Drip Irrigation In Your Garden And Landscaping

by Warren Garcia

Keeping your yard and landscaping well-groomed and maintained will help your home's exterior look more attractive. In addition to having an automatic sprinkler system to water your lawn, you can install a drip irrigation system for your landscaping and any vegetable and flower gardens in your yard. Whether you install the drip irrigation system yourself or hire a professional landscaping company to do it, here are some of the benefits you can receive from its installation.

Money and Water Savings

A drip irrigation system is positioned through your vegetation to slowly drip water directly to the soil around the base of your landscaping and garden plants. This ensures excess water does not get lost to blowing winds and evaporation from the sun as it travels through the air from traditional sprinklers.

Excess water does not spray over a large space of area to water several plants, but instead, the drip emitters water the roots of each plant you want to irrigate. This results in a savings on water, helping the environment and also your water bill each month.

Erosion Control

With drip irrigation service, you are not having to water with a traditional aerial sprayers and sprinklers. This traditional type of watering can result in over-watering in certain areas of soil.

Using a slow dripping watering system allows the water to slowly seep into the soil around each of the plant's roots and does not over saturate the soil too quickly. Over-watering and over saturation of the soil can cause pooling of water onto areas of soil, leading to erosion of the soil and loss of the water with it. 

Weed Growth Reduction

One of the most appreciated benefits of a drip irrigation system can be the lack of week growth in your landscaping and vegetable garden. By not watering soil where you don't have vegetation growing, the number of weeds growing will be greatly reduced.

Weeds can grow under the most extreme conditions and without adequate or any source of water, but without aerial watering that sprays over your soil, many weed seeds will not germinate and grow. The few straggler weeds that manage to grow are easier for you to pull as they sprout up.

Healthier Plants

A last and beneficial result of using drip irrigation results in healthier plants in your garden and landscaping beds. Because water is delivered right to the soil around your plants, your plants can develop deeper root systems. This allows your plants to be healthier, sturdier, and their roots less prone to sun scorch as they won't be growing close to the surface of the soil. Sun scorch to shallow roots can allow your vegetation and plants to become stressed and diseased, and increases their risk of dying.

This information illustrates the many benefits of installing a drip irrigation system in your landscaping and garden.